We have received a number of comments recently regarding the policy to prescribe only one months worth of medication at a time.  According to the Department of Health “A 28 day prescribing interval is recognised by the NHS as making the best possible balance between patient convenience, good medical practice and minimal drug wastage”.

If you are prescribed a repeat medicine your doctor will be prescribing enough of each tablet to last you for 28 days.  For example if the dose requires you to take 2 tablets a day you will receive 56 tablets, 3 tablets a day 84 tablets etc.  There are some drugs which are packaged in 3 monthly amounts and continue to be dispensed in these packs, for example, contraceptive pills and HRT.

The vast majority of patients collecting repeat prescriptions do not pay prescription charges.  However, if you do pay for your prescriptions and need more than 5 items in 4 months or 14 items in 12 months you can save money by buying a Prescription Pre-Payment Certificate.

You can order your repeat prescription in any of the following ways:

We do not take repeat prescriptions requests over the telephone to avoid errors.

Finally, to help you and your doctor:

  • Your prescription should last at least 28 days.  If you are collecting routine medication more often than this please tell us.
  • All medicines should last for the same number of days.  If you are running out of some items or have too much of some medication, please tell us.
  • Be prepared to attend the surgery annually for medication reviews.  The doctor is making sure that the medication you are taking is still the best way to manage your medical condition.
  • Do not stockpile medicines at home; only order those items that you will need until your next prescription is obtained (usually 28 days).
  • return any unwanted medication to the pharmacy for safe disposal.
  • please order when you sill have a few days of medication in hand to allow for possible delay.  It usually takes 72 hours to complete a prescription request.