Dispensary Hours are Mon - Fri 9AM - 12PM/2PM - 6PM

Dispensary Hours are Mon - Fri 9AM - 12PM/2PM - 6PM

Gratton Close, Sutton Scotney, Winchester, SO21 3LE

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Current Studies

GRATTON SURGERY CURRENT CLINICAL TRIALS LIST AS OF September 2018. Please note this list is updating weekly. Please contact the surgery Research co-ordinator for full and current information on our currently recruiting trials)
Cellulitis Autumn 16 QualItative Study looking at patients with Cellulitis CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
CLOUDY with a CHANCE of PAIN Autumn 16 Poster initiative and app. Download CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
HEAT Helicobacter Eradication Aspirin trial Autumn 16 Randomised placebo controlled double blind Trial CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
NiPPER Autumn 16 Double blind randomised controlled. Nutritional intervention preconception to mainatain healthy glucose metabolism and offspring health SITE NOT SELECTED DUE TO RURAL LOCATION
FAME Autumn 16 Pilot for management of acute fatigue website for support and self management CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
CLASP Autumn 16 Development of a website to support survivors of cancer CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
DiPSS MBM asthma study Autumn 16 Study to support patients with asthma using online tools CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
DECIDE Winter 17 Diabetes Type 2. CPRD Real World Trial ONGOING OPEN TO RECRUITMENT
Home BP Autumn 16 Helicobacter eradication to prevent ulcer bleeing in aspirin users. A large simple randomised controlled trial CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
STILTS 2 Spring 17 Exploration of Genetic factors effecting underweight patients CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
ACNE PROMS study Autumn 17 A study of 18 to 49 yr olds with ACNE. Online intervention interviews by research team CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
Enteral Tube admissions perceptions Spring 17 Enteral PEG feeding, a research qualatative interview with researchers CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
DAWN SMI Spring 17 Assessment of psycological impact on diabetes and severe mental illness CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
Sanofi Sotaglifloxin (SAR439954) Spring 17 A commercial study Sanofi- Phase 3 study for patients with Type 2 Diabetes CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
Fluez Tetra nasal flu vaccine in pediatric population Autumn 17 A commercial Post marketing surveillance Astra Zenica SITE NOT SELECTED
NIHR GREAT Summer 17 Lower Backpain. Development of preliminary course for pain using a series of Alexandra Technique sessions CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
LSECL 107-162571 Ivabradine Autumn 17 A commercial Retrospective chart review on drug utilisation CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
   STRATIFY Summer 17 Patients with major depressive disorders SITE NOT SELECTED DUE TO RURAL LOCATION
APPLAUD Summer 17 Attitudes and preference of people with long term antidepressant use for depression DB search
  ARTIC PC Summer 17 Antibiotics for lower resp tract infection in children to 12 presenting in primary care ONGOING OPEN TO RECRUITMENT
VACCept Autumn 17 HPV vaccine in 35 to 45 year olds CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
LACE Autumn 17 Leucine and ACE InhibIitor for Sarcopenia placebo controlled trial SITE NOT SELECTED
Reduce WS3 Autumn 17 Reviewing long term Antidepressant depressant use. Patient interviews CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
ANTLER Autumn 17 started qtr 2 July 2018 Anti depressants to prevent relapse in depression. A tapering programme to support patients OPEN TO RECRUITMENT ONGOING
ECO Autumn 17 Excema care online CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
Barack D Jan-18 Benefits of Aldosterone Receptor Antaganism in chronic Kidney disease CLOSED TO RECRUITMENT
Triumph Feb-18 Treating urinary symptoms in men in primary care using non pharma and non surgical interventions SITE AWAITING SELECTION PHASE 2
Feasibility trial of intervention for ACNE. SPOTLESS Jun-18 Exploration of the feasibility of delivering a web based platform for behavioural support to young people with mild moderate acne vulgaris in addition to using Standard of Care methodology OPEN TO RECRUITMENT ONGOING
REDUCE WS 4 Jul-18 WS4 is a pilot feasibility randomised controlled trial (RCT), which aims to assess the acceptability of the Internet and telephone interventions, the ease of recruitment of practitioners and patients, and the acceptability and time taken for completion of the planned outcome measures. SITE INITIATING OCT 18
CHIL39139 Jul-18 Commercial pediatric questionairres on fever management SITE AWAITING SELECTION
Fluenz Tetra 2018 Jul-18 Flu Vaccine. Drug Safety Research Unit (Education & Research Ltd). COMMERCIAL SITE NOT SELECTED
RECOGNISE or RESP 39251 Jul-18 Commercial study with Astra Zenica. Description and characterisation of suitable patients for biologic therapy referral in primary care SITE AWAITING SELECTION
SupportBack2 Aug-18 Supporting self-management of low back pain with an internet intervention in primary care: A randomised controlled trial of clinical and cost-effectiveness SITE AWAITING SELECTION
CHICO Aug-18 The Children with Cough (CHICO) Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial SITE NOT SELECTED as conflicting trial running
ActMed Aug-18 Online End of Life medications questionairre via survey monkey NOT RECRUITING
ATTACK Aug-18 Aspirin To Target Arterial events in Chronic Kidney Disease AWAITING SITE SELECTION
SNIFS Optimisation Sep-18 Patients with chronic sinusitis- review of DVD and interview on saline nasal irrigation technique. AWAITING SITE SELECTION

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