Hampshire Community Health Care is the organisation now hosting the new West Hampshire Community Diabetes Service and has the responsibility to deliver this together with diabetes specialist consultants, nurses and dieticians from the Winchester and Southampton areas, many of whom you will already know. The new service aims to help you manage your diabetes with the support of your GP practice. You, your GP and practice nurse will be supported through education and advice from the specialists and local clinics to manage complex diabetes issues.

Access to the specialists will be as determined by your condition and your GP can arrange for you to see them. Your GP or practice nurse will refer you to the service initially, unless your condition warrants that you are automatically transferred into the new service. When your case has been transferred to the service, you will receive a health record for you to hold, so that you have a record of your care. You will then be able to access the specialist advice line as you need to but your GP practice can probably answer most of your questions.

The West Hampshire Community Diabetes Service is available Monday to Friday between 8.30am to 5pm with a telephone advice line open to both patients and health care professionals. The service will be supported by the use of the Hampshire Health Record, an innovative clinical record system allowing the instant sharing of information about your diabetes care between the community diabetes service and your GP.

There will be a period of transition from the current style of service to the new service and you will be supported through this period of change by your GP practice with specialist help when needed. Any patient who requires the continued input of the diabetes specialists will be managed by the new service until such time as they, your GP and most importantly, you, feel confident to be discharged back to your GP.

What should I do now?

You don’t need to do anything.


  • I currently receive all my diabetes care at my GP practice does this change effect me?

No, your care will continue to be delivered at your GP practice.

  • I go to my local hospital for out-patient appointments, will this change effect me?

Yes there may be a change in where you are seen but you will be contacted by either your GP or the new service to inform you of any changes.

  • I have some concerns about my current diabetes condition who should I contact?

Please contact your GP practice to discuss your concerns

  • How do these changes benefit me?

You will be able to access the same standard and quality of care at locations closer to your home.

Should you have any questions regarding this new service please contact 02380 286401