Dispensary Hours are Mon - Fri 9AM - 12PM/2PM - 6PM

Dispensary Hours are Mon - Fri 9AM - 12PM/2PM - 6PM

Gratton Close, Sutton Scotney, Winchester, SO21 3LE

Current time is 18:17 - We're open


Telephone: 01962 760394



Order your repeat prescription online

To access the new system you will need to register. Your personal registration details can be generated by the surgery, so please contact us for a registration letter.

Prescriptions are now £9.35 per item from April 1st 2021

Important Points about your Prescription

  1. Please note that items will NOT be issued if you have exceeded your maximum allowed number of repeats and not had a medication review with your GP.
  2. Please only order those items you are running short of and NOT every item on your repeat list if you have sufficient quantities left.

Dispensary & Repeat Prescriptions

We dispense medicines from our premises for all patients in the practice except those living within 1.6 kilometres of a pharmacy, Kings Worthy, Harestock and Winchester.

If you are on regular treatment you will be given a slip to request repeat prescriptions. Please bring or send this to the Dispensary giving at least three working days notice (bearing in mind that weekends and bank holidays are not working days)  .Please note that if your medication review is out of date it will take longer.

You may also fax your request on 01962 765090, or follow the link on this page to the online form to send your request electronically.

One month’s supply of most repeat prescriptions is issued. Telephone requests for repeat medications may lead to mistakes so we ask that all requests should be in writing in the interests of safety.

The Dispensary is open between the following times for the collection of prescriptions:

9.00 am – 12.00 pm & 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm Monday – Friday

If you would like to collect your prescription from South Wonston or Barton Stacey local shops you will have to have a valid pre-payment certificate or call dispensary to pay over the phone with a valid Credit or Debit card. Dispensary staff are happy to advise you of the easiest method depending on your individual circumstances, please call dispensary on 01962 765096.  Please note that because we cannot guarantee fridge items will be kept at the correct temperature, we cannot send fridge items to the shops.  Items that are to be kept in a fridge have to be collected from the surgery.

It is your responsibility as the Patient to ensure Dispensary is kept updated with your current exemption details.

We are registered for VAT as required by law. Unfortunately this means that we now have to charge VAT on some private items.

For any dispensary enquiries please telephone on 01962 765096 and follow the options.

DRUM – Dispensing Review of Use of Medicines

We are now offering a new service for our dispensing patients (for non-dispensing patients please see your community pharmacist).  This is a medicines use review appointment with one of our trained dispensers for an informal 15 minute discussion to:

  • Help you get the most out of the  medicines you are taking.
  • Pick up any problems you may be experiencing with your medicines
  • Maintain better value for the NHS – making sure you are taking your medicine effectively prevents unnecessary waste.

If you have any questions about your medicine and would like to take advantage of this service, or your doctor has sent you an invitation letter, please telephone Reception on the above numbers to make an appointment.  Then take a few minutes to complete this form.  This will help us and you to get the most out of your appointment.  It is very important that you bring your medicines with you.

Remember you can ask our dispensers for advice at any time, but a review will allow more time to focus on you and your medicines.

Opening Times

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